Long-Life Snacks

Sometimes it is difficult to know what to provide to your loved one to promote their nutritional intake, especially if they don’t have easy access to a fridge. Why not try providing some of these items in a snack basket to promote choice and independence too?

Individually packed cakes Malt loaf bars Jelly pots Custard pots Instant whip pots
Rice pudding pots Individual packs of biscuits Cereal bars / munch bars / breakfast biscuits Individual packs of cheesy biscuits Cartons of fruit juice
Long life smoothies Long life milkshakes Dried fruit – prunes, apricots, raisins Crisps – or puffed options Popcorn
Crackers, crispbreads, oatcakes Instant porridge Instant noodles Full sugar squash / high juice Milkshake powder/syrup
Fruit puree sachets Fruit flakes Nuts / Bombay mix Pretzels Beef jerky / Billtong / Pork scratchings

These items may not be suitable if your loved one requires a modified consistency diet; please check with your Speech and Language Therapist for clarification.

Last Modified: 10:03am 06/01/2023