Are you feeling full?

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You may feel full even after consuming very small amounts of food and this may cause discomfort, this may be due to your condition or some medical treatment you are having.

Here are some suggestions:

● Try to ‘eat little and often’ by having small frequent meals and snacks rather than large meals.
● Liquids, especially fizzy drinks, can fill you up. Try to avoid taking drinks with food or just before meals; have one 30 minutes before or after eating instead.
● Fatty or rich foods may leave you feeling full for longer. Do not avoid these if you are trying to gain weight but have small portions and try to increase your fat intake slowly.
● If possible, try to keep stocks of the foods you enjoy so they are available to eat whenever you fancy them. Individually wrapped items may be useful.
● Cold foods, e.g. yoghurts, ice cream, and iced drinks may be easier to take.
● If you are feeling bloated, avoid fizzy drinks, cabbage, onion, Brussel sprouts, and beans and try not to wear tight fitting clothes.
● Eat slowly and chew your foods well. Try to relax when you are eating but avoid lying down for 30 minutes after eating.
● Try to eat in pleasant and peaceful surroundings.
● A little gentle exercise, such as a short walk after a meal can be helpful.
● Some people find peppermint cordial, peppermint tea or mints helpful.
● Foods high in fibre, such as salads and raw vegetables, dried fruit and wholegrain breads and cereals, may make you feel fuller. Try to have lower fibre options and high energy foods instead.