Access to Health Records

The right of access, commonly referred to as subject access, gives individuals the right to obtain a copy of their personal data as well as other supplementary information.

Click here to view the Data Subject Access and Individual Rights Policy as above.

What are you entitled to?

  • confirmation that we are processing your personal data
  • a copy of your personal data
  • other supplementary information (this is covered in our Privacy Notice in full)

You are only entitled to your own personal data, and not to information relating to other people (unless the information is also about you or you are acting on behalf of someone).

Accessing your own health information

To gain access to your own health records, complete the By Patient-21_docx

Accessing your child’s health record

For health records that belong to a child please complete the OnBehalfOfChild-2

Please note that if the child is 13 years of age or over, we may ask to see proof of their consent.

Accessing a patient’s health information as a nominee

To make a request for health records of a patient as a nominee, you will need to complete the On-Behalf-Of-Patient(1)

Accessing a deceased patient’s health record

The Access to Health Records Act 1990 gives deceased patient’s personal representation and anyone who may have a claim arising out of the patient’s death, a right of access to the patient’s clinical records. This is not a general right and access may be limited to information of relevance to the possible claim.

Access can be limited or refused if:

  • there is evidence the patient would not have expected the information would be disclosed to the applicant
  • if the disclosure is likely to cause serious harm to anyone else
  • if it would also disclose information about a third party who does not consent
  • the records contain a note, made at the patient’s request, that they did not wish access to be given on an application under this legislation

To make a request for any deceased patient’s health record we may hold you will need to complete the On Behalf Of Deceased Patient-1

Return the completed form to us attaching your proof of identity documentation.

email: [email protected]

post: Information Governance Department, Milton Keynes University Hospital, Standing Way, Eaglestone, MK6 5LD.



We will not charge a fee for providing your information, your child’s heath record, as a nominee for a patient or that of a deceased family member. However, we may charge a ‘reasonable fee’ when a request is manifestly unfounded or excessive, particularly if it is repetitive. We may also charge a reasonable fee to comply with request for further copies of the same information. The fee will be based on the administrative cost of providing the information.

Viewing health records

An appointment MUST be arranged with the Information Governance Department prior to viewing records electronically. Please contact us on 01908 995 046/01908 996 295. Viewing your health records is free of charge.

The Trust will endeavour to deal with your request within a 21 day time limit (NHS best practices). However, by law we have 30 days to respond. If this is likely to take longer the applicant will be warned and an explanation of the delay provided.

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