Shopping guide for cow’s milk-free foods and drinks

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Allergy labelling and EU law

When you are shopping for cow’s milk-free foods and drinks it is good to know that EU law states that all foods containing milk, even in the minutest quantities, must have this clearly emphasised on its labelled ingredients list. This includes all foods that are pre-packed, sold loose or served when you are eating outside of the home. If a food is not pre-packed, the information may be displayed separately, or you may need to ask a member of staff. It is important to remember to check the ingredients label of all the foods you buy because many processed and pre-packaged foods may contain cow’s milk.

The following companies produce cow’s milk-free foods and drinks. You may find cheaper alternatives sold in supermarkets’ “Free From” or standard ranges.

  • Alpro: dairy-free milks, yoghurts, cream alternatives and desserts
  • Blue Diamond Almond Breeze: dairy-free milks
  • Bute Island Foods: dairy-free cheeses
  • Coconut Collaborative:
  • Flora Diary Free:
  • Freaks of Nature:
  • Genius: dairy-free breads, rolls and cakes
  • Hotel Chocolat: dairy free chocolates
  • Koko: dairy-free milks
  • moo free: dairy-free chocolates
  • My Dairy-Free Dream (Rice Dream, Coconut Dream, Oat Dream, Nut Dream and Almond Dream): dairy-free milks, drinks and ice cream
  • Nakd: dairy-free bars and flapjacks
  • Newburn Bakehouse by Warburton: dairy-free breads, rolls, muffins, loaves and crackers
  • Oatly: dairy-free milks, drinks, ice creams and yoghurts
  • Pure Margarine:
  • Rebel Kitchen: dairy-free milks and drinks
  • Rude Health: dairy-free milks
  • The Primal Kitchen: dairy-free bars
  • VBites Wot No Dairy?: dairy-free yoghurts and desserts, available at Holland & Barrett
  • Vitalite: dairy-free spread

The following supermarkets carry cow’s milk-free ranges. However, as all foods containing cow’s milk must be labelled under EU law, you may find suitable alternatives that are less
expensive in their standard ranges. You may also find cow’s milk-free products available in the standard ranges of other supermarkets.

  • Sainsbury’s (Free From range)
  • Tesco (Free From range)
  • Asda (Free From range)
  • Waitrose (LOVE life range)
  • Ocado (the online supermarket) sells a large range of cow’s milk-free products, some of which are not available in other supermarkets.
  • Morrisons have their own Free From range and they stock cow’s milk-free products.
  • Boots do not have their own Free From range but stock a number of cow’s milk-free products in store and online at:
  • Holland & Barrett do not have their own Free From range but stock a number of cow’s milk-free products in store and online at: