Instructions for taking Preload prior to surgery

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Preload is a neutral-tasting carbohydrate containing drink, which needs to be taken prior to surgery. Taking these drinks as directed will increase the amount of carbohydrate stored in your body, which has been proven to aid recovery after operations if used as part of the “Enhanced Recovery Programme” (ERP). It is not a bowel cleansing solution and will therefore not give you diarrhoea.

Preparation Guidelines:
Step 1: Pour 400mls of water into a jug.
Step 2: Add the contents of one sachet of preload (50g) into the jug, stirring continuously until the powder has dissolved.
Step 3: Pour into a large glass and drink as directed below.

When should I take Preload?
You will be asked to take three sachets of preload prior to your operation as follows:

1. The day before your surgery:
• Take the first sachet at 6pm
• Take the second sachet at 10pm

2. On the day of your surgery:
• If your surgery is in the morning (7:15 am admission), take the third sachet at 6am, instead of a glass of water as mentioned in your pre-assessment booklet.
• If your surgery is in the afternoon (11:45 am admission), take the third sachet at 11am, instead of a glass of water.

Where will I get Preload from?
If you are going to hospital the night before your operation, the nursing staff on the ward will provide you with your preload to take as directed above. If you are going to hospital on the same day as your operation, you will have been provided with three sachets of preload by the nurse in the pre-operative assessment clinic to take home. Take the drinks at the times specified above, ideally taking the third sachet just before you come to hospital. If you are unable to have your third drink before leaving home, make it up in a bottle and drink it on your way to the hospital.