Last Modified: 10:17am 25/05/2021

Changes in ED

We are trying to understand what would help all our team get involved with making the care we give our patients even better, and to feel able to make small changes to improve the care and experience we offer in ED.

There is a monthly safety meeting which is changing, and we would love your ideas on how anyone working in ED can get involved and make the changes and difference in ED for patients and staff.

Do you want to get involved in putting small change and ideas into place? What would help you get involved? And how do you want to find out about what’s been happening in ED? If you are involved, what makes you want to be?

Please put your ideas on the board that is located in the staff lounge, or contact Sarah Frame Jackson ([email protected]).

Our work in ED aims to do the following:

  • To understand how our staff want to get involved in small changes
  • To give everyone (including doctors, nurses, HCAs, AHPs, receptionists, domestics, etc.) the permission and tools to improve patient care, safety and experience
  • To better share information to all staff who are interested in helping improve quality
  • To improve the format of monthly safety and improvement (clinical governance) meetings to better reflect the multidisciplinary reality of the Emergency Department
  • To help make any safety and improvement meetings inclusive, relevant and focused
  • To improve and make accessible the dashboard and reports for the monthly clinical governance meetings

To be given access to the current documents related to the project, please follow this link.

Through this quick and simple form you can let us know your ideas to help us deliver our aims!