Pre-Tibial Laceration

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We call the wound on your shin a pre-tibial laceration. This is not like a simple cut and will take several weeks to heal.

You should:
• Wear the support bandage that we give you. Wear this all day, but take it off in bed
• Keep your foot raised on a stool when you are sitting down. It should be raised higher than your hip
• Walk around as normal
• Raise the end of your bed or put your foot on pillows at night – this will help to reduce the swelling

You should not:
• Wear your tubigrip or support bandage in bed
• Stand still. Do not do jobs like washing up or ironing until you are better. If you must stand for a few minutes, walk on the spot so the circulation to the leg is stimulated to help reduce the swelling
• Remove the dressing

If the dressing does fall off or gets wet, arrange for the nurse at your GP practice to look at it or go to the Urgent Care Centre. If you can’t do this, you can go to your nearest Emergency Department, but because this won’t be an emergency, you will have to wait to be treated.

If you have any further queries, please contact:
• Emergency Department: 01908 995 913 ext. 2409 between 9am and 10 pm
• Hospital switchboard: 01908 660033 between 10pm and 9am
• NHS 111
• Your GP surgery