Last Modified: 10:07am 10/11/2022

LGBTQ+ History Month

Welcome to LGBTQ+ History Month here at MKUH!

In the UK we celebrate LGBTQ+ History throughout February, to commemorate the repealing of Section 28 in February 2003 (but more on that later!)

Every day for the next month we’ll be covering a range of topics, all relating to LGBTQ+ lives, issues and history. We’ll be posting articles on the MKUH website as well as holding a few in-person events. 

This year our theme is “New Chapters”. We’re thinking about what new stories we want to tell as a community, as a hospital, and as we begin to move away from Covid-19.

At the beginning of the year the Pride Network welcomed two new leaders, chair Annie Rose and vice-chair Isaac Griffiths (me!), and we’re so excited to be getting stuck in. We have lots of great ideas and projects that we want to kick off with and will be introducing in the coming month! Our most important goal is continuing to make the hospital a safer and more inclusive place for trans patients, friends & family, and we hope you’ll support us in our vision for that.

Throughout the month we’ll be hearing from LGBTQ+ people and allies in the hospital and from the local community, we’ll be profiling people from history, as well as those working to improve our lives today, and covering some key moments in the timeline of LGBTQ+ rights progress.

Helping us kick off our month is our Chief Executive Joe Harrison!

Click on the photos below to learn more about the topics.