Visitor Information

Patients on adult inpatient wards are allowed one visitor between the hours of 1430 and 1930hrs and will not need to book an appointment in advance. This helps us to keep people safe by keeping overall numbers down. In some circumstances more than one visitor will be able to visit at the same time – these will be agreed by the ward manager according to patient and family needs. More information can be found here: Visiting a patient – Milton Keynes University Hospital (

The visitor information listed below will provide you with all the services and amenities that you will need when visiting Milton Keynes University Hospital.

Please be aware that the hospital site is an entirely smoke-free site. All forms of smoking (including vapours and e-cigarettes) are not permitted anywhere on the hospital site, including the car parks. Thank you for your support in creating a healthier environment for our staff, patients and visitors. 

Finding the hospital

The hospital is located on Standing Way at the junction of the H8 and V8 on the Milton Keynes grid system. To find out more about how to access our site, please click here.

Face masks

Visitors are required to wear face masks in any areas where clinical care is provided – this includes the Emergency Department, inpatient wards and clinical rooms in our hospital.

The mandatory wearing of face masks applies only in environments where clinical care is provided. In corridors and common areas, such as in our restaurants or shops, staff and visitors are not required to wear a mask, although it is encouraged wherever possible. It will not be a requirement for patients in our wards to wear a face mask.

We understand the negative impact that the wearing of masks has, especially on the communication between staff and patients, however it is an important measure in protecting our staff, our families and our patients.

We also recognise that for some people, wearing a face covering may be difficult due to physical or mental health conditions, and these people will remain exempt.

If you have a hearing impairment, our staff have a range of communication options to ensure that they can communicate effectively with you. This might include visual aids such as writing things down, speech to text apps and sign language.


Car parking

Parking for patients and visitors at Milton Keynes University Hospital is available across the site. For more information, please see our maps and car parking page.

Contacting patients

Should you need to make contact regarding your loved one, then please call the ward direct or call the main switchboard on 01908 660033. Thank you.

Restaurants, shops and amenities

The Eaglestone Restaurant

The Eaglestone Restaurant provides hot and cold meals, teas, coffees and snacks. There is also a Costa located in the restaurant area.

The restaurant is located in the centre of the hospital (blue zone) and is sign posted. The opening times are Monday to Sunday 8am – 8pm.

  • Breakfast 8am – 10:30am
  • Lunch 12pm – 2pm
  • Afternoon snack 2pm – 3.30pm
  • Supper 5pm – 7pm

In July 2021 the Trust passed an Environmental Health inspection with a 5-star food hygiene rating for its new patient food service and Cook Chill kitchen area. Environmental health officers reviewed the hospital’s suppliers, cleanliness, structure, temperature control, food safety systems and staff training, in both the central kitchen and ward kitchens. Inspectors were impressed with the processes in the ward kitchens that keep the food chain supply safe and they were happy with the cleanliness and organisation of the ward kitchens.

For further information about our restaurant, please click here.

Main entrance shops

There are three retail outlets located in our main entrance. The opening times for which are below:

Outlet Monday – Friday Saturday Sunday & Public holidays
Costa 7am – 9pm 9am – 6pm 9am – 6pm
Subway 7am – 9pm 7am – 9pm 8am – 9pm
Little Fresh 7am – 8pm 9am – 6pm 9am – 6pm

Main entrance amenities

Further located in our main entrance is our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) and an Information, Advice and Support centre provided by Carers Milton Keynes and Age UK Milton Keynes.

League of Friends shop

Located next to our Eaglestone Restaurant, the MK Friends run a convenience store which sells a range of newspapers, magazines, refreshments, and gifts. MK Friends also provide a daily trolley service to the wards, selling newspapers, soft drinks and snacks.


Toilets and baby changing facilities are available in each zone of the hospital. The two most accessible locations are in the main entrance and opposite the Eaglestone Restaurant.

Using our website

Please note: All of the information on our website can be converted into other languages. A toolbar is located at the end of each page to support this functionality.

Are you a carer? Do you need support?

Are you looking after someone who cannot manage without you because they are ill, frail or have a disability? If so, you are a carer.

Carers MK are a charity who can offer information, advice and support to unpaid carers in Milton Keynes, even if you are not related nor living with the person you care for. You contact them, so see if they can help you, on 01908 231703 or by emailing [email protected]