Last Modified: 1:45pm 16/02/2024

MKUH Pride Network

Who we are

The Pride Staff Network is a group of individuals from across the Trust who self-identify as being LGBTQ+ or are an ally of LGBTQ+ individuals.

The core aim of our network is to promote equality, diversity, inclusion and Pride in our LGBTQ+ staff and to assist MKUH to deliver better services for all, both staff and patients.

We want to improve the working lives of LGBT+ staff by empowering them to feel safe and able to be “out” at work allowing all staff to bring their whole selves to work, this will benefit both our colleagues and our patients.

Meet the Network Chair and Vice-Chair below!

Cat Crossan – Chair

Thandiwe Rosemarysdottir – Vice-Chair

I’m Annie (She/Her), the new Pride Network Chair. I’m a research nurse, with my background in Sexual Health. I’ve worked in the NHS, the Army, and the Charity Sector, and am dedicated to equality in everything.

I think the role of the Pride Network is to work across the hospital to keep diversity and inclusivity a key part of the daily life of all who work here. I already have links with the Women’s Network, the Staff Ability Network, and the Veterans’ Network, and am keen to make those relationships as effective as possible for the benefit of MKUH’s staff. I would like to work to foster and maintain relationships across the Networks and hospital departments, listening to issues and proposed solutions to minimise the barriers experienced.



We welcome all staff both LGBTQ+ and Allies to join us at any of our events or meetings as we are an inclusive network.

Our aims

  • Raise awareness of LGBTQ+ staff issues
  • Raise awareness of issues specifically affecting transgender and non-binary staff
  • Be a safe point of contact for LGBTQ+ staff
  • Actively influence NHS policies and strategies that will or may impact on LGBTQ+ patients
  • Organise activities and events for LGBTQ+ staff and allies
  • Provide first level support to LGBTQ+ staff
Rainbow Lanyards
Support for LGBTQ+ Individuals
LGBTQ+ Awareness Days and Events