MKUH Staff Awards

The staff awards are our annual way of recognising and celebrating staff achievements from across the Trust.

From the amazing work going on in one department to improve patient care to the individual who consistently goes above and beyond, the staff awards are an opportunity for all staff and departments to be recognised.

The winners of the 2021 Staff Awards are:

Award Category Winner
Patient Care and Safety Georgena Leroux – Maternity

Laki Yassin – Ward 2

Dr Richard Stewart – ICU

Patient Experience Claire Norton-Petford – Paediatric ED

Victoria Chukwulozie – Children’s services

Patient’s Choice Intensive Care Unit

Fay Grech-Marguerat – Cancer Services

Fundraiser of the Year Gaynor Hancock – Cardiology

Paediatric Emergency Department

Volunteer of the Year Graham Clark

Lisa Downes

Support Services Employee of the year Steve Goodger – Security

Latta Singh – Ward 7

Rising Star Lauren Culver-Spall – Ward 3

Georgia Meakes – HR

Team of the Year Mortuary

The Respiratory ANP Nursing Team

Chair’s Award for Excellence Amanda Whitehouse

Jane Adderley

CEO Leader of the Year Darren Yap

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