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Event in the Tent

Event in the Tent

The Event in the Tent is our flagship staff engagement event. Held over three days in May, the event brings together staff from across the organisation to listen, learn and share to shape the future development of the hospital.

The event launched in 2017 following feedback from staff that they wanted to be more informed about the ongoing developments within the hospital. The three days of the event are themed around the topics that are of importance to the organisation, with the individual sessions being driven by staff. The event is held in a marquee in the middle of the hospital site so that all staff are able to access the sessions of their choosing.

In 2018, over 1,300 staff came through the doors of the marquee. The three days were themed as follows; improvements, staff and patient experience and innovation and featured a number of key-note speakers including Dr Ron Daniels (CEO of the UK Sepsis Trust), Chris Pointon (co-founder of #hellomynameis), Jenni Middleton (Editor of the Nursing Times) and Martin Bromiley (Chair of the Human Clinical Factors Group). The full programme can be found by clicking on the below.

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The sessions held across the three days consisted of presentations, workshops and even fitness classes! Feedback from staff regarding the event has been overwhelmingly positive and a real buzz was created across the hospital as staff were given the autonomy to make changes.

A number of outcomes have been realised as a result of the event including:

  • Launching a new set of values for the organisation – The MK Way;
  • Implemented a dedicated staff health and wellbeing service;
  • Improved patient flow throughout the hospital;
  • Introduced executive drop-in sessions for staff;
  • Developed a staff coaching service.

Planning for the 2019 event is currently as we look to make sessions even more widely available.

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