Last Modified: 1:19pm 13/01/2022

The Staff Ability Network

Welcome to The Staff Ability Network

Hello, my name is Lee, and I am the Chair of the Staff Ability Network.

I am proud to inform you that this equality network has changed its title from MKUH Staff Disability Network previously, and is now known as, MKUH Staff Ability Network.




Following a positive response to a survey asking whether staff would like a disability forum, the network was established and met for the first time on 6 March 2019. The network is a friendly and supportive group and keen to raise awareness of disability equality and share experiences. There is a lot of experience amongst people in the network of living with a range of disabilities, both visible and hidden. We aim to draw on our shared experience to influence decisions to ensure that the organisation wants to, and does, actively engage with us in creating a positive workplace that is inclusive for everyone.

Suggest an improvement

If you think something could be improved to make the lives of staff or patients with a disability easier then please get in touch by contacting the disability network email address: [email protected]