Last Modified: 10:06am 21/04/2022

Children’s Audiology Services

We have a number of trained staff who specialise in children’s hearing.

Our Aim is to test children’s hearing and provide help and advice for children with hearing loss.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Carry out and interpret hearing tests
  • Explain hearing test results to parents / carers and children
  • Explain the type and level of hearing loss
  • Refer to and work with other professionals (e.g. Ear Nose & Throat Consultant, Paediatrician, Speech & Language Therapist, Education Support Service)
  • Advise on hearing and hearing related problems
  • Assess and advise on the benefits of hearing aids
  • Take impressions for making earmoulds
  • Fit, repair and maintain hearing aids
  • Monitor hearing levels in case of any change

We are not open at weekends or on bank holidays

Departmental lead

Jane Grant

Contact Number

01908 995 156 / 995 199


Yellow Zone, Level 4

Car Park


Visiting hours

0900 - 1630

Additional Information