Use of Water Barrier/ Swim Moulds

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Please note that the use of the water barrier mould does not guarantee that water will not enter the ear, but it is usually effective in doing so.

You may have to take additional measures, such as using a bathing cap. It is not advisable to dive or swim under water. The water barrier mould has been custom made for your ear and should not be used by any other person. If you don’t get a snug fit it is more likely to let in water. Please inspect it regularly and if there is any indication of damage or cracks, do not use it.

Take care to make sure that the top hook is in position

Handy Hint
If you put a bit of petroleum jelly on the mould it will be easier to fit and give a better seal.

The water barrier mould should be cleaned with warm soapy water. If you have an ear infection then it is important to clean it more thoroughly, after every use and it is recommended that a mild disinfectant solution is used.

If you have any difficulties fitting your water barrier mould please call the Audiology Secretary on 01908 995 199/ 995 156 (9.00 – 4.30 Monday to Friday) and they will arrange an appointment for you to see an audiologist.