Guidance for maintaining Hypoglycaemia Box – Paediatrics

All wards should maintain a Hypo Box for the immediate management of hypoglycaemic episodes.

Box contents should be checked for contents and expiry dates of products, and restocked if required, every 24 hours- see info below.

Hypoglycaemia management guidance and quick reference guide can be found on Trust documentation under Paediatrics.

Confirmation of box check should be reported alongside the Resus trolley check.

Please note: Glucagon is to be used once only within 24 hours per patient.


Box Contents Quantity Where to order from
 Lift Glucose Juice Shots 60mls x24 Stores
Lift Glucose Chewable tablets (once opened for a patient, pack CANNOT be shared.) x4 Stores
Packet of plain biscuits (small) x4 Stores
Glucogel 40% (1 box = 3 tubes) x2 boxes Pharmacy
IV Glucose 10% (100ml bottle) x1 Pharmacy
Glucagon 1mg Injection (IM)

Stored in fridge

x2 Pharmacy

Last Modified: 12:00pm 09/08/2023