Printed at: 06:43:04 / 22-10-2019

Holiday Advice

When going on holiday, please consider the following:

  • Extremes of temperature (i.e very hot or very cold weather) may affect the way in which insulin is absorbed which can cause differences in blood glucose levels. For example, in very hot weather insulin can be absorbed more quickly leading to a sudden drop in blood glucose levels.
  • If activity is likely to be greatly increased e.g. swimming, skiing etc, consider reducing your child’s basal insulin after discussion with the Diabetes Team and ensure you carry extra snacks.
  • Consider time changes for your flight and discuss with your Diabetes Team.
  • Remember to carry two different sets of Insulin in separate hand luggage bags.
  • Remember to take spare pens, blood ketone meter and strips, GlucoGel and GlucaGen Hypokit.
  • Remember to carry fast acting glucose and slower release carbohydrates.
  • You do not need to order a special meal on the plane.
  • Remember many countries do not sell sugar free squashes.
  • If advises, you should have all vaccinations before going on holiday.
  • Translation leaflets can be useful and obtainable from Diabetes UK.
  • Diabetes UK offer holidays. Children learn a lot, become more independent and most importantly, have a great time!

The Diabetes Team are happy to supply a “flight letter” before you fly. This explains why you need to have all of your equipment and insulin in your hand luggage.

For more advice on travelling with a Diabetic child, click here.

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