The role of the Cancer Dietitian 

Cancer and its treatments can have a negative impact on your appetite and ability to eat, which can often result in unintentional weight loss.

Some people may experience issues relating to digestion, taste changes, swallowing, fatigue, and others may experience weight gain.

The role of the Dietitian is to provide tailored and practical dietary advice to patients and their family or carers at all stages of their cancer journey and beyond.

Dietitians help to provide effective care by monitoring patients throughout treatment and working closely with other members of the Multidisciplinary team.

If you are underweight, losing a significant amount of weight or are struggling with your diet you may be referred to a Dietitian.

When you attend your appointments your nurse or doctor will assess whether you need to see a Dietitian and will make a referral for you.

Useful websites   

We advise our patients not to use internet search engines to find out about diet and cancer as some information online is not accurate.

We recommend the following websites which contain information which is based on scientific evidence.

Diet sheets 

The following diet sheets can be downloaded, alternatively a member of staff in the cancer centre Macmillan information lounge can print information for you when you attend the cancer centre:

Contact details for the Cancer Dietitian: 01908 996 563

Last Modified: 2:47pm 21/06/2023