Low Fibre Diet Sheet

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This information sheet will provide you with information on following a low fibre diet. There are several reasons why you may be recommended to follow a low fibre diet.

Some examples are:

  • If you are experiencing symptoms of diarrhoea.
  • If you are having a flare-up of inflammatory bowel disease.
  • To ease the passage of stools through the bowel if there is an obstruction or narrowing.
  • For easier digestion following surgery on your bowel.
  • If you have an ileostomy, and particularly if you have a high output.

A low fibre diet is usually recommended temporarily but may be recommended on a permanent basis depending on why you have been advised to follow it. Ask your
doctor or specialist nurse or dietitian for guidance on why you need to follow a low fibre diet and how long for.

A low fibre diet will help to leave less ‘residue’ or ‘bulk’ behind after digestion, and is easier for your body to digest and absorb if you are having symptoms relating to
any of the conditions mentioned above.

The following table lists lower fibre foods to include within your diet, and foods higher in fibre which should be avoided:

Breakfast cereal and bread Rice Krispies®, Coco Pops®, Corn Flakes, Special K®

White bread/rolls/toast/bagels

White English muffins White pitta bread, plain Naan/chapatti

Plain scones

Bran flakes, Weetabix, Shredded wheat, All Bran, Porridge, Muesli, oat bran, wheat germ

Brown, wholemeal, granary and rye bread

Wholegrain and seeded bread/rolls/toast

Brown or wholemeal pitta bread, naan or chapattis

Fruit / nut muffins or scones

Breads or pastries with dried fruit or nuts

Flour, pasta and rice White rice, white pasta

White flour, cornflour, sago, tapioca, semolina

Plain couscous, polenta, tortillas, tacos

White or rice Noodle

Brown rice, wild rice, wholemeal pasta

Wholemeal couscous or noodles

Quinoa, pearl barley

Meat, fish, eggs and alternatives Plain pieces of lean meat including red
meat, chicken, turkey
Lean mincemeat with no gristle
All plain fish including white fish, fresh
or tinned tuna, salmon
Tofu meat alternative products
Tough stringy pieces of meat with large
amounts of fat, gristle and tough skin.
Fish skin and fish bones e.g. tinned
sardines, anchovies
Quorn meat alternative products
Vegetables Well cooked ‘flesh’ or ‘body’ of vegetables

Remove skins, stalks and seeds from vegetables e.g. peeled and deseeded courgette or cucumber, broccoli, or cauliflower tips / florets only, peeled root vegetables e.g. carrots, parsnips, turnip, swede

Sieved tomato sauce e.g. passata

Sieved soup

Peeled potatoes, peeled sweet potatoes, potato chips without skins, baked potato (no skin)

Raw vegetables and salads including coleslaw, salsa etc.

Tough fibrous vegetables e.g. cabbage, kale, greens, fennel, sprouts, sweetcorn, mushrooms, peas, beans, okra, asparagus

Stringy vegetables e.g. celery, runner beans

Vegetable juices/smoothies with ‘bits’ or pulp

Pulses such as baked beans, kidney beans, lentils, butter beans, chickpeas

Fruit Peeled body of fruit without skins, pith, pips or seeds e.g. peeled pear, apple, peach

Tinned pears or peaches

Smooth fruit juice with no ‘bits’ or pulp

Fruit with skins, pith, pips or seeds e.g. pineapple, oranges, cherries, grapes, raspberries, watermelon, blueberries, kiwi

All dried fruit

Fruit juice with ‘bits’ or pulp

Fruit Smoothies

Milk and dairy products All types of milk – including lactose free varieties

Yogurts with added fruit, nuts, or cereals

Cheese with added pieces of fruit

Cream, crème fraiche, fromage fraise, smooth yogurt

Custard, ice cream, smooth milk puddings


Yoghurts with added fruit, nuts, or cereals

Cheese with added pieces of fruit

Ice cream with added fruits or nuts


Ice cream with added fruit or nuts
Other Seedless and rindless jam or
marmalade, honey, syrup
Potato Crisps
Boiled sweets, plain dark, milk or white
chocolate, clear jelly
Smooth Sauces e.g. white sauce,
gravy, ketchup, brown sauce,
mayonnaise, salad cream
Jam or marmalade with skin and seeds
Chutney and Pickles.
Wholegrain mustard
Wholegrain/Rice savoury crackers
Chocolate with added fruit or nuts
Nuts and seeds