Patient Information leaflets

It is natural to want to know more about your condition.

Might we suggest you resist the urge to Google.

There is a lot of information out there, not all of it accurate, and much of it misleading.

We suggest the following sources of good quality information. When you have read the leaflets relevant to you, note down any questions you may have and ask one of the team.

Nationally available resources




The link above takes you to the general pages on Cancer, where you will find information on physical, emotional, financial and practical support.

For information specifically about breast cancer click on the appropriate link. Also see those on Breast Cancer in Women , Breast Cancer in Men

and Secondary Breast Cancer.





Breast Cancer Now

The Breast Cancer Now website contains over 100 leaflets to support you. These can be downloaded or ordered. The Breast Unit also stocks copies.

Breast Cancer now also has a useful glossary of many of the terms you may  hear

NHS website

Breast Cancer in Women

Breast Cancer in Men

Breast Cancer screening and leaflets are available in other languages


Different treatments

– it is important to remember each person is an individual and so not all treatments will be suitable for everyone, or your particular type of cancer.


Tips: Note down your thoughts and questions to ask your healthcare team.



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Patient information leaflets
Breast Cancer Now - leaflets