Last Modified: 6:05pm 11/11/2019

Karen Hillman

I qualified as a registered adult nurse in 2010 from the University of Brighton. I trained, lived and worked in Brighton for 5 ½ years working at a major trauma centre, before returning to my home town of Milton Keynes.

I have worked in varying areas of medicine including Cancer research, Haemotology/Onclogy, Emergency department, Acute medicine and dermatology.

I am qualified in paramedical skin camouflage techniques and application. A skill where products are applied to cover various skin issues including scars, stretch marks, burns, surgical wounds and long term conditions such as vitiligo and rosacea.

I cover both breast and prostate cancer cohorts via different studies.

I work as a member of the MKUH cancer research team and along with two of my colleagues, cover the Trust’s breast care trials and patients. We work closely with patients and their families, as well as the multidisciplinary team. This includes specialist nurses, the breast care team, consultants, speciality doctors, and both Macmillan and ward staff.

I am a research engagement champion for MKUH working with patients and the NIHR network to see how satisfied research patients are and to gain feedback regarding our work. This means that we can be up to date with how the patients are feeling, and can subsequently work towards improvements if they are required. We also consult with the network regarding new surveys and feedback so that we can ensure our trial patients viewpoints are discussed as well as being updated in regards to any new changes the network feels that we need to know.

I enjoy working with wonderful colleagues and forming relationships with patients and their families on trials.