Common Conditions

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Breast Pain
This is a common condition and is experienced in two out of three women.

There are two types of mastalgia:

  • Cyclical: Relating to your monthly period with heavy swollen and tender breasts for several days before a period.
  • Non-Cyclical: Often described as a drawing in or burning sensation.

These do not indicate cancers.

A lump of fibrous tissue usually found in women under 35. It can be quite large and feels firm and mobile. This is benign and harmless – not cancer. However, it may have to be removed surgically if causing discomfort, or if your doctor feels it to be appropriate.

These are common in women approaching the menopause. They are harmless. A cyst is a fluid filled sac which may feel soft or firm. The doctor might draw off the fluid with a syringe and a fine
needle. Cysts return in about one third of women, but can be treated in the same way.

Dilated Milk Ducts
Causing retraction, irritation and a thick discharge of the nipple.

Nipple Discharge
Can be yellow, milky or blood stained. There is a variety of causes – most are harmless. These and other changes, such as flat or inverted nipples, dimpling, a rash or an alteration in the shape of one breast should always be reported to your doctor.

For further information on individual support or support groups in your area, call the Breast Cancer Care helpline on 0808 800 6000.