Outpatient Breast Clinic

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Hello and welcome to our Breast Care Unit. Please relax and make yourself comfortable. We hope these tips will help guide you through what you will experience during
your visit here.

• Your visit here can take up to a couple of hours, depending on your individual circumstances. If you do have to wait we have a television, radio and reading material to help you pass the time
▪ Your experience today is unique to you, because every patient has their own “pathway” through our service
▪ This means that you may have your “imaging” mammogram [breast x-ray] and or ultrasound before you see the breast doctors and nurses.
▪ On the other hand you may see a doctor first and then be sent for your imaging afterwards. It all depends on your particular case
▪ It is also possible that you may not need any imaging at all
▪ We know you may feel it is taking a long while to complete your visit; but remember, once you have finished here, you may find you do not need as many visits to the hospital in the future – if any.
▪ If you are thirsty, there is a cold water dispenser in the waiting room. Sorry we can not offer you more but there just is not enough space! Not to worry; you can get coffee, tea and refreshments from the Eaglestone Restaurant around the corner, or League of Friends Shop.
▪ If you want to go out to get a coffee, our reception staff will give you directions. Just remember to tell them if you go out so they know where you are and when you will be back.
▪ If you are concerned about anything at all, please tell one of our staff – we are here to help you.