Breast Care – Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

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To make sure you are the one that benefits, your diagnosis and treatment plan is discussed at a weekly multidisciplinary (MDT) meeting. Present at this meeting are the health care professionals that will be involved in the management of your care and will discuss your individual treatment plan. Following discussion at the MDT meeting it has been recommended that your individual treatment plan for your breast cancer is:

You will have a named BCN who will be your key worker.
Your key worker is —————————————————————–

You can contact your Breast Care Nurses by telephone between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday on a direct line 01908 996924. This number has a 24hr message facility and in the event that the BCNs are unable to answer the phone, we would ask you to leave a message and contact details to enable them to return your call at their earliest convenience.

Pre-assessment date —————————————————————-
(if known)

Date of Surgery —————————————————————
(if known)

Clinician Signature —————————————————————