The Radiographers are

Kirsty Rowley

About radiographers

Radiographers are Allied Health Professionals who work in healthcare environments providing high quality diagnostic and therapeutic imaging of the human body. They cover a range of imaging modalities, including X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans and Mammograms.

The Radiographers who work in the Breast Care Unit (sometimes called Mammographers) perform a variety of different mammographic imaging if the breast tissue in both men and women. They are highly trained members of staff who work as a team with other healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses and healthcare assistants. This type of Radiographer will always be a woman; men are not allowed to perform mammograms currently in the UK.

If you come to the breast care unit for a screening mammogram (offered every three years to women aged 50 – 70), the woman who performs your mammogram will be a Radiographer. If you are recalled to the hospital for further tests after your screening mammogram, the Radiographer will perform a variety of further imaging views to achieve more information for the multi-disciplinary team looking after you.

Similarly, if you have found a breast problem and are sent to the breast care unit at the hospital for further tests by your GP, you may be seen by a Radiographer during your visit.

Radiographers in the UK work under the regulation in the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC). A list of Radiographers currently registered to practice Radiography in the UK can be found on the HCPC website.

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