Printed at: 07:22:36 / 22-10-2019

Use of Glucogel

Glucogel may be used in the treatment of “hypos”

Each tube contains 10g of sugary gel and should be used when the child is refusing to take their usual oral hypo treatment.

This sugary gel is partially absorbed through the lining of the mouth. Should you need to administer Glucogel, place your child lying down on their left hand side in a recovery position.  Snap the lid off the tube of gel and squeeze it into the child’s lower cheek whilst at the same time gently but firmly massaging the outside of the cheek. It is this action that stimulates partial absorption of the Glucogel.

Do not place gel on your own finger to rub inside your child’s mouth

After 15 minutes (to allow absorption of the Glucogel) re-test blood glucose. Once blood glucose level is 4mmol/l or above give 10-15g of slow acting carbohydrate, or their normal meal if it is a mealtime to maintain the blood glucose level.

If the blood glucose level is still 3.9mmol/l or below when you re-test repeat administration of Glucogel and re-test in another 15 minutes.

Once the blood glucose level is 4mmol/l or above give slow acting carbohydrate i.e. a plain digestive or hobnob biscuit, a slice of toast or a cereal bar (maximum 15 grams of carbohydrate).

Important – If the hypo is just before a meal time (when insulin is usually given) the hypo should be treated first and once the blood glucose is 4mmol/l or above the insulin should be given as usual.  Do not omit insulin.

Glucogel should not be used on children who are unconscious and unable to swallow.  If this is the case seek medical assistance immediately.

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