Discharge Information Following Pacemaker Insertion

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Post procedure Information

Details of your admission including results and any planned treatment (if appropriate) will be sent to your GP or referring consultant within the next few weeks. You have either had a new pacemaker implantation or an Elective Generator Replacement (battery change). You will be given a pacemaker patient identification card which will have all your pacemaker details.

You must carry this with you at all times.

You will be given a six week follow up appointment with the pacing cardiac physiologist, before you leave the department. You will have annual device follow ups with the Cardiac Physiology team to ensure correct pacemaker function. If you have had a box change and you have already have a pacemaker appointment, please let the nurses or the physiologist know before you leave the

You may contact the cardiology department if you wish to speak to the cardiac physiologist, Mon – Fri 08.30 – 17.00 on 01908 997200. If your query is for an appointment then please contact our
device service administrator on 01908 996016 Mon-Thurs 9-5pm.

Dos and don’ts
In the weeks after the pacemaker procedure, avoid sudden movements or lifting heavy objects. In the case of a new pacemaker implant, it is best to avoid stretching or reaching over your head
on the side of pacemaker implant for the first 6 weeks. We advise this to reduce the risk of the lead or leads moving and affecting the pacemaker function. To prevent irritating the wound area it is advisable to wear loose clothing.

Wound site
Your nurse may redress your wound site before you go home. If your sutures need removing, you will need to contact your GP practice to make an appointment with either the practice nurse or the district nurse. Your sutures will need to be removed 7 days after the procedure. The nurse will let you know before you go home the type of suture you have. You will go home with a dressing on the wound, this can be removed 5 days after the procedure. It is important to avoid getting this dressing wet. Sometimes there will be bruising at the area where the device was implanted, this is normal.

It is advisable to observe the site for any signs of infection. If you have any of the following you will need to see your GP:
• the wound site becomes hot and red,
• the wound site becomes more painful or swollen,
• you have a raised temperature
• the wound site begins to drain fluid

Below is the current DVLA guidelines regarding driving, these get changed so please keep updated by visiting GOV.UK website. Please follow the above guidelines unless you have been told otherwise by your consultant in charge of your care.

Useful Contact details
Cardiac Angiography 01908 243398 (Mon-Fri)
Ward 17/Cardiology ward 01908 996419 24 hours a day
Cardiology Reception 01908 997198 (Mon-Fri)
British heart foundation books are available from your nurse or on the website: www.bhf.org.uk
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