Cardiology Outpatients 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor

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Patient’s instructions:
• The blood pressure monitor will automatically record every 30 minutes unit 22:00 and then every 60 minutes till 08:00.
• It is important that you follow the instructions given by the fitting technician to ensure an accurate recording that will provide the referring physician with correct information to assess your blood pressure.

The Instructions will include:
• No bath or shower to be taken whilst wearing the monitor.
• Do not tamper with the monitor or attempt to open it.
• Any changes caused will mean you will have to be rebooked at a later date, and you will be endangering care of other patients.
• Please do not disconnect the cuff from the monitor at any point.
• Fill in the attached diary to record any symptoms when the cuff is being inflated.
• Typical symptoms that need to be recorded include; chest, neck and arm pain, dizziness and light-headedness.
• Please ensure you fill the diary out accurately using the time on the monitor to ensure accurate analysis.
• You must wear the monitor at all the times even whilst sleeping.
• When the cuff is inflating please ensure the arm is relaxed, legs are uncrossed and the hand is unclenched.
• It is natural for the cuff to inflate a couple of times and become tighter each time.
• If the cuff inflates and is painful or inconvenient press the green button to skip recording till the next time interval.
• Ensure loose fitting clothing is worn around the arm to ensure the cuff can fully inflate.

Returning the Monitor:
• Please remove the monitor before returning to the department.
• Once removed please return to the Cardiology Outpatients at the time and date below:
• Between 8:00 am and 11am.
• On …………/.………./……….
• If you have any problems please call Cardiology reception on 01908 997197.