Printed at: 07:52:04 / 22-10-2019

Administration of Insulin via pen device

Remember to always check the type of Insulin and the expiry date prior to administration.

Action Rationale
Screw needle onto end of pen/cartridge, depending on pen type.
  • To enable means of insulin delivery
  • Air Shot – dial up two units on pen device. Hold pen with needle uppermost, flick to enable any air bubbles to rise to the top of the pen device so that they may be dispelled.
  • Flick pen to remove insulin from tip of the needle
  • Holding the pen upright ‘fire’ pen by pressing plunger.

N.B. With new pen/cartridge change, use an eight unit air shot. If necessary repeat the procedure until a stream of insulin is dispelled.

  • To ensure that the full prescribed dose of insulin is administered.
Dial up prescribed dose of insulin and inject using injection technique guidelines:

  • ensure the injection site is not ‘lumpy’
  • inject at an angle of 90 degrees into the skin
  • hold the needle in the skin for a count of 10 seconds following the delivery of the insulin
  • To ensure safe delivery of the insulin.
Remove needle from pen device.
  • To ensure a sharp needle is used on each occasion.
  • To remove a portal entry for air into pen device.
  • To prevent leakage of short acting insulin.
Insulin (with the exception of Degludec) may be stored at room temperature for one month. (Degludec can be stored at room temperature for eight weeks).
  • Less uncomfortable and more practical.

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