Digital Strategy 2022-2026

Our revised Digital, Data and Technology (DDT) Strategy was published in 2022, outlining our approach to utilising and embracing technology at Milton Keynes University Hospital (MKUH) over the next four years. This document links cohesively with the Trust’s clinical and workforce strategies, as well as nationally curated ambitions, to maintain strong synergy across all overarching goals.

On publication of the strategy, Craig York, Chief Information Officer at MKUH, provided an overview of what the document aims to deliver, and outlines our ambitious plans for digital growth over the next four years.

“With the publication of Milton Keynes University Hospital’s ‘Digital, Data & Technology Strategy’ we continue to build on existing mature digital foundations achieved to date. Having recently been accredited as a Global Digital Leader by NHS England and Improvement, MKUH now look forward to delivering the latest digital innovations available from across the globe to improve the health and wellbeing of our staff and patients.

“This strategy will underpin the work already happening to improve our patients access to their records, securely share appropriate records for clinical care, improve efficiency with device integration, clinical decision support, automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence.”

To read our Digital, Data and Technology (DDT) Strategy, click on the image below.