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The Armed Forces Covenant is an enduring covenant between the People of the United Kingdom Her Majesty’s Government and all those who serve or have served in the Armed Forces of the Crown and their Families.

The first duty of Government is the defence of the realm. Our Armed Forces fulfil that responsibility on behalf of the Government, sacrificing some civilian freedoms, facing danger and, sometimes, suffering serious injury or death as a result of their duty. Families also play a vital role in supporting the operational effectiveness of our Armed Forces. In return, the whole nation has a moral obligation to the members of the Naval Service, the Army and the Royal Air Force, together with their families. They deserve our respect and support, and fair treatment.

Those who serve in the Armed Forces, whether Regular or Reserve, those who have served in the past, and their families, should face no disadvantage compared to other citizens in the provision of public and commercial services. Special consideration is appropriate in some cases, especially for those who have given most such as the injured and the bereaved.

This obligation involves the whole of society: it includes voluntary and charitable bodies, private organisations, and the actions of individuals in supporting the Armed Forces. Recognising those who have performed military duty unites the country and demonstrates the value of their contribution. This has no greater expression than in upholding this Covenant.

Principles of the Armed Forces Covenant

Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (MKUH) signed the Armed Forces covenant on 25 May 2021. The trust will endeavour in our business dealings to uphold the key principles of the Armed Forces Covenant, which are:

  • no member of the Armed Forces Community should face disadvantage in the provision of public and commercial services compared to any other citizen;
  • in some circumstances special treatment may be appropriate especially for the injured or bereaved

 MKUH Armed Forces Covenant   

Ministry of Defence (MOD) Employer Recognition Gold Award

Milton Keynes University Hospital has been awarded the Ministry of Defence (MOD) Employer Recognition Gold Award as part of our ongoing commitment to supporting the armed forces community.

The latest award, which comes just two years after we first signed the Armed Forces Covenant, reflects the significant work that we have done to support patients who are veterans, staff who are reservists or spouses of members of the armed forces, and for establishing links with veteran services so that both staff and patients can access the support they need.

Armed Forces Veterans Aware Accreditation

Milton Keynes University Hospital is also an accredited Armed Forces Veteran Aware Trust. The award represents an exciting step in the hospital’s journey to ensure that all members of the Armed Forces, whether active, reserves, former or retired members are always treated appropriately, and with no disadvantage compared to other citizens in the provision of public and commercial services.

The Armed Forces Veterans Aware accreditation – easily identified on publications and organisational websites by a purple tick – recognises the Trust’s work identifying and sharing best practice across the NHS as an exemplar of the best standards of care for the Armed Forces community.

Armed Forces Week 2023

Armed Forces Week is a chance to show support for the men and women who make up the Armed Forces community: from currently serving troops to Service families, veterans and cadets. Watch the video below to find out more about what Armed Forces Week means to us at MKUH.

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