How long is the recruitment process?

The process can take between six and eight weeks before you start volunteering. This will depend on how quickly you fill in and return the necessary forms. It also depends on how long important stages of the recruitment process take, such as receiving your references and DBS clearance.

Will I be able to volunteer immediately?

No, we need to ensure patient, staff and your safety so there are a number of checks that need to be completed before you can start.

Will I be interviewed?

Yes, we conduct selection meetings, with you, the Voluntary Services Manager and the Manager of the area you will be volunteering in. These will preferably take place on face to face but in exceptional circumstances these can be arranged virtually and on occasions we may conduct group interviews for certain roles.

What skills and experience do I need?

That depends on the role you want to do, however, good communication skills, reliability and a positive can do attitude are a must. Detailed information will be available on each role description.

Is there any training?

Yes, all volunteers must complete the Volunteer Learning Passport via e-learning and attend a half day Trust induction session. You will also receive a local induction on your first shift in your placement area. You will be expected to complete refresher mandatory training throughout the duration of your voluntary service.

I am a student, can I apply?

We accept students over the age of 16. However, we are aware that student timetables can be stressful and we want you to have a good volunteering experience with us. Please think carefully and decide if you would be able to fit in a regular volunteer commitment alongside your studying.

Do I need to wear a uniform?

You will be provided with an MKUH Volunteer polo shirt to wear when you are on the hospital site for your shift. You need to be bare below the elbow in all clinical settings. You may also be supplied with a tabard or MKUH volunteer fleece if your role requires it. It will be your responsibility to look after any uniform items and to keep them clean. You will be asked to return any items of uniform when you leave your volunteer role.

I need a reference, when can I get one?

We can provide a reference for you when you have volunteered for six months. If you require a reference before six months we will consider this on an individual basis.

I need a placement for a course I am doing, can you provide this?

Volunteering is not a work placement or work experience and you are not formally assessed; this is a volunteering role and you will be offering your time to benefit patient experience. For work placements or work experience please contact the work experience team at [email protected] or telephone 01908 995 105.

I want to shadow a doctor. Is that possible?

The Voluntary Services team do not organise this. The Trust offers clinical insight experiences (clinical work experience) to students planning to pursue a career in healthcare. For further information please look at our work experience pages.