Patient Feedback Matters

Ensuring correct patient identification is crucial to patient safety. Our patient wristbands include the patient’s name and date of birth, which sounds straightforward enough. But it wasn’t until one of our own patients pointed out a potential improvement that we were able to make a simple change to minimise disturbing patients, especially while they are resting or asleep.

Previously, the patient’s name and date of birth was included only once on each band, meaning that if a sleeping patient’s name couldn’t be seen on the wristband, staff would have to disturb them to ensure correct identification.

One of our patients felt that he was constantly being disturbed during his hospital stay because of this. His simple suggestion? Print his name and date of birth more than once on each wristband. This meant that irrespective of his sleeping position, he could be easily identified, thus ensuring patient safety.

Here at MKUH, we listen to patient ideas for changes and improvements – no matter how small. If you have any suggestions of your own, please email [email protected].