New App for Hip and Knee Patients

Photo of Sister at computer on new hip and knee appMilton Keynes University Hospital is leading the way as the first hospital in Europe to trial an app to assist patients who have had hip and knee replacements.

Previously, patients awaiting surgery would be given a booklet of useful information and attend a hip and knee ‘school’ in person to learn more about the procedures, how to prepare for them and what to expect.

With the effects of the pandemic limiting patients’ visits to the Trust, it proved an ideal time to use technology to keep patients informed and in touch.

The Mymobility app is a collaboration between MKUK and ZimmerBiomet. Orthopedic surgeon Oliver Pearce explains: “Patients are signed up to access the app when they go for their pre-op assessment. If they don’t have access or feel confident enough to use the app themselves, then a family member can be given access instead.”

There is a lot of very useful content for patients on the app, which has both chat facilities and videos showing patients how to prepare for surgery and what to expect. It can also track patient activity and number of steps they are taking. Since it was launched in June 2020, over 250 patients have taken advantage of what it offers.

Senior sister Caroline Middleton adds: “This can be used to highlight patients who are struggling and may need additional advice on what they could be doing to aid recovery. My team monitor the app closely so we are able to respond in a timely manner to concerns or issues and signpost patients accordingly.”