How will the results be used?

The Patient Experience Team will gather the results and analyse them to see if any action is required.

The responses to the FFT question will be used to create an overall score that will be published on this website. We also display the FFT ‘recommended’ score in wards and departments around the hospital.

Your feedback will provide valuable information for the service, to celebrate positive comments and identify opportunities to make improvements.

Positive comments about staff are passed back to them directly. If you know the name of the person who has cared for you or given you a good experience, please name them in your feedback. We use the FFT to let our staff know that their efforts have been appreciated.

We want to show patients that we have made changes thanks to their feedback and are looking at ways to do this. In time this may include sharing changes at patient group meetings or by displaying the “You said – We did” posters around the hospital.

You can also find out how we and other services score on the FFT by accessing  and using the services near you search tool, select your NHS service and carry out a postcode search.

Does this replace the NHS complaints procedure or other forms of feedback?

No, this will not replace the current NHS complaints procedure or other forms of feedback.

MKUH carries out a programme of surveys across the whole hospital and will continue to look for opportunities for patients to feedback on their experiences.

If you would like more information about the FFT, if you have an interest in feedback or service improvement or would like to be involved in the Patient Engagement Group please contact [email protected].

Last Modified: 7:42am 03/06/2021

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