Last Modified: 10:55am 11/05/2020

Nutrition and Dietetics Department

The department of Nutrition and Dietetics provides nutrition and dietary advice to patients, carers and staff in inpatient, outpatient and community settings.

We cover both the management of disease as well as the promotion of health. Our advice is based on evidence-based practice or best practice guidelines.

The department covers a wide range of areas including; Diabetes, Gastroenterology, Critical Care, Dysphagia, Enteral and Parenteral feeding, Paediatrics, Stroke, Oncology, and learning disabilities.

Our team is managed by Liz Pryke.

Visiting the hospital for an appointment
Acute Dietitians
Community Dietetics
Adult Learning Disability Dietitian
Macmillan Dietitians
Useful resources
Covid-19 Nutrition Support