Frequently asked questions

How do I join the bank if I am currently on a substantive contract?

If you currently work at MKUH on a substantive contract and would like to work some extra bank shifts on the staff bank, your current manager will need to sign a B Form requesting you are given a bank contract.

Can I be paid weekly?

Only nurses, theatre practitioners and HCAs can be paid weekly for their bank shifts.

How do I claim payment for bank shifts/additional hours?

You need to complete a paper timesheet and submit to the department’s operational manager or rota coordinator.

What hourly rate do I get for bank shifts?

If you are working for bank in the same role as your substantive job then your ‘spine point’ will be the same for both your bank and substantive work. Bank work is paid at a 12.5% premium to cover the Working Time Directive. In other words, to cover the fact that you do not receive holiday or sick pay for your bank hours.

If you are working for the bank in a different role you will be paid at that band and will start at the bottom of the band.

How do I get an e-rostering account?

You will need to email your request, via your hospital email account, to [email protected]. We cannot create you an account unless you have a hospital email account.

Can I work bank shifts on my usual ward or in my usual department?

Yes if your manager has requested the extra shifts be worked. No if you are a student nurse on placement. You can do bank shifts but they must be on a different ward.

Do I wear my usual uniform?

Yes if the bank shifts you are doing are for exactly the same role as you do in your substantive contract.

No if your bank shifts are for a different role. For example, student nurses working as a bank HCA shifts will need to wear an HCA uniform.

Do admin staff have an uniform or clothing allowance?

There is no need for non-patient facing admin staff to wear a uniform. MKUH does not give admin employees a clothing allowance. If you need a uniform for a role you will be told before starting and the uniform will be issued by the linen room.

How will I find out about shifts?

Join our mailing list and you will be emailed vacant shifts and being on the bank means that you get prioritised.

Who do I contact if I have a pay query?

Our in-house temporary staffing team will be able to deal with your pay query and they will be your first point of contact.

Last Modified: 2:18pm 13/11/2018