Last Modified: 11:59am 29/07/2022


Departmental lead

Jamie Stamp

Ward manager

Outpatient lead - Celia Hyem-Smith

Contact Number

01908 995 432 with 24hr answerphone


Yellow Zone - Level Two

Car Park


Additional Information

Physiotherapy helps to promote, restore and maintain movement and muscle function which may have been affected by illness, injury or disability.

You may be asked to undress for your assessment, please ensure you are appropriately dressed. Your initial appointment may be done face-to-face, virtually or over the phone and will last up to 45 minutes. Please ensure that you are in an appropriate environment to discuss your condition. We will rebook your appointment with you if we call and you are driving.

If you are coming for a face-to-face appointment, please arrive 10 minutes early to allow you to complete some paperwork before seeing your physiotherapist. Please bring a recent prescription if you are on any regular medication.

If you do not attend a face-to-face appointment or answer the phone to a booked appointment, you will be discharged.

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