How to obtain your stoma supplies:

On discharge from hospital, your Stoma Nurse will give you two weeks supply of stoma care appliances from hospital stock. They will register, you, following your home visit, with the BLMK Prescription Service (so you can order more stoma supplies) and Fittleworth Medical (so you can have your stoma supplies delivered). The Stoma Nurse will arrange your first order with BLMK and Fittleworth, which you should get shortly after your second home visit.

For succeeding orders, you will need to contact BLMK Prescription Service to request more stoma supplies (using the Prescription Freephone: 0808 141 0824). Fittleworth Medical will continue to deliver your stoma supplies to you.

Please ensure you always have at least two weeks supplies in stock. (Fittleworth can only release your order and deliver your stoma supplies once they have received the prescription from BLMK Prescribing Service).

Swabs and disposable bags are complimentary from Fittleworth and are not prescription items. They also offer a range of other complimentary products. Please call Fittleworth on 0800 378 846 to enquire or ask your stoma nurse.

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Last Modified: 2:04pm 22/11/2023