Bronchiectasis Education

Bronchiectasis is a long-term Lung condition that affects the airways. If you have bronchiectasis your airways are wider, and they become inflamed and can get clogged with sputum (sometimes also called phlegm or mucous). When the airways are clogged with sputum they may not clear properly and having too much sputum can lead to chest infections. Having chest infections can lead to lung damage unless the infections are treated with antibiotics.

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Bronchiectasis Education session

If you have been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis your healthcare team should refer you for Physiotherapy.

The Physiotherapy team will help you to learn more about your condition. This includes learning a breathing exercise which helps to clear sputum.

The team provide a one-off group education session which takes place in the therapies department. The education session includes information on what bronchiectasis is, how to recognise and manage infections, the importance of hydration, the importance of exercise and a breathing exercise called the Active Cycle of Breathing Technique (ACBT) to clear sputum.

Space is limited but it is usually possible to bring a spouse or carer with you.

If you have hearing problems the team can offer an individual information session.