Ward moves for essential maintenance works

Date: 07/07/2021

To enable essential maintenance works to take place, we are temporarily moving a small number of wards from today (Wednesday 7 July 2021).

The ward moves will take place as follows:

  • Ward 3 to move to Ward 14 on Wednesday 7 July 2021
  • Ward 1 to move to Ward 3 on Friday 9 July 2021.

The moves mean:

  • Ward 14 is an elderly frail medical ward for female patients
  • Ward 2 is an acute medical ward for male patients
  • Ward 3 is an acute medical ward for female patients

All of the patients and their next of kin are being informed about the move and instructions placed on our website to ensure a smooth transition for patients and staff, and for any visiting arrangements.

Please note, all the phone numbers for the wards will remain the same, e.g the extension and external numbers for wards 1 & 3 will move with them.

It is anticipated that the maintenance works will take around three weeks to complete. Once finished, the wards will move back to their original locations and all staff will be informed.