Triplets become first to make use of new incubator units

Date: 19/07/2021

Thanks to donations and support from the local community, triplets born at Milton Keynes University Hospital have been the first tiny patients to make use of three new state-of-the-art incubators.

Following a fundraising appeal led by Milton Keynes Hospital Charity in September last year, funds were raised for the new ‘BabyLeo’ incubators, which are now in use on the Neonatal Unit. The BabyLeos, which cost £25,000 each, are described as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of incubators and offer the latest in neonatal technology, featuring:

  • Inbuilt weighing scales (that are more accurate and mean the baby doesn’t need to be lifted out so much)
  • A special heating system to maintain temperature at all times
  • Special mechanisms allowing the baby’s bed to be pulled out for parents to touch and hold their infant

The BabyLeos can even be lowered for C-section mums, play music and allow personalisation of colour, too.

Vanessa Holmes, Head of Charity at Milton Keynes Hospital Charity, said: “These incubators were only made possible thanks to the individuals, groups and companies in and around Milton Keynes responding to our BabyLeo Incubator Appeal. Thank you for your kindness and generosity, which has helped make a difference to our tiny patients, their parents and staff in the Neonatal Unit at MKUH.”

Lisa Viola, Matron of the Neonatal Unit, said: “The BabyLeos are now greatly enhancing patient care and the experience of their families at MKUH. We’re incredibly grateful, and on behalf of all of us here on the Neonatal Unit, we thank everyone who donated or was involved in making the BabyLeos happen.”

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