#TeamMKUH celebrates National Day for Staff Networks

Date: 13/05/2020

Milton Keynes University Hospital is taking part in the National Day for Staff Networks today (Wednesday 13 May), recognising and celebrating staff networks, the positive difference they make and the value they add to our working lives.

‘I Pledge…’

Some of #TeamMKUH pictured have taken time to share their pledges and how they will work with the Trust to support the #Disability Network and the newly-forming #BAME Network to further improve working life and culture at the Trust.

The National Day for Staff Networks (@day4networks) takes place on the second Wednesday in May every year. It is in its fourth year and is a fantastic opportunity for staff networks (employee resource groups) and organisations across different sectors in the UK workplace to participate in the nation’s only day in recognising the added value of staff networks.

There are 3 elements:

  • Celebrate: To encourage employers across the UK to acknowledge and celebrate how staff networks add value
  • Inspire: To call for all staff networks to collaborate in their celebration and given the ‘intersectionality’ (an individual’s identity consists of multiple, intersecting factors, including gender, race, ethnicity, class and sexuality)of employees, identify ways how they can work together in the future to inspire and continue to raise awareness and foster inclusion in the workplace
  • Transform: Influence the conversation about staff networks so that they are seen as business critical and effective mechanisms of voice, innovation and inclusion

The Theme for 2020 is ‘Adding Value’ #addingvalue – let’s continue to work together to do this and #makeworkbetter a reality at #TeamMKUH ‘Share your Story’ ‘Lead for Change’!