Solar power sparks a new electrical future for Milton Keynes University Hospital

Date: 25/08/2021

We know that sustainability is core to the future development of the NHS and are on a journey to reduce our carbon emissions, with the aim of becoming net carbon zero by the end of the decade.

As part of this ambition, we recently installed a significant number of solar panels across the hospital, increasing the energy that we generate on-site. So far, over 2,500 panels have been fitted to roofs in all areas of our estate, producing 853MWh (megawatt hours per year) – this is equivalent to the total power used in a year by 213 average homes. The areas that have been kitted out include the Treatment Centre, Eaglestone Health Centre and above wards 18 and 20.

Plans are further in place to increase the number of solar panels over the coming years which will see our current installation nearly double and ultimately generate more than 1.5GWh of free electricity from sunshine every year.

Through producing our own energy on-site, this significantly reduces our electrical costs and enables us to reinvest this funding back into the sustainable development of our estate, helping to improve patient care and experience.

Estates Services Manager, Tony Marsh, said: “The installation of new solar panels across the site presented the ideal opportunity for us to improve our energy optimisation. While the new panels will enable us to produce more electricity on-site, we further used this as a chance to upgrade the roofing so that it is future-proofed and more effectively insulated – reducing the energy required for heating and cooling these buildings.

“Solar energy is a fantastic way to successfully generate electricity which we are able to use throughout the year so that our patients are able to be seen and treated in a comfortable and secure environment.”

As well as the introduction of solar panels and as part of our Green Plan, the Trust recently switched over to a completely renewable energy supplier. You can find out more about the other things that we are doing to implement our Green Plan here.

Solar panels above the Treatment Centre at MKUH