Public Involvement Forum

Date: 07/07/2022


Are you passionate about helping others on their journey to becoming medical professionals?

The Public Involvement Forum is a community of people from all walks of life who use their unique skills and experiences to help our students grow!

You can…

  • Meet our amazing students and be a part of their journey
  • Engage with our warm and inclusive forum with regular meetings, news and event invitations
  • Be part of a wider University of Buckingham Family.

The PIF is open to everybody and joining is easy.


What is the Public Involvement Forum?
The Public Involvement Forum (PIF) is a group of local volunteers who wish to support the University of Buckingham in maintaining their Strategic Governance and face-to-face teaching of healthcare students. They aspire to use their wisdom and skill-set to shape the future of healthcare professionals training and learning experiences.

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences recognises the value and importance of involving patients and the public in the students’ education and value the members of the PIF who contribute their unique and invaluable expertise and experiences.

How can you get involved?
PIF members can join as lay representatives, or expert patients. Lay reps are given the opportunity to sit in committees where their knowledge and expertise can contribute to the successful running of the course. Expert patients afford the students a better understanding of their condition and widen their knowledge base and learning, which can be beneficial to both patient and student.

We also welcome general members who wish to be a friend to the medical school. Members are all recognised as part of the wider “University Family Network” and as the medical school continues to expand we are looking to Increase our numbers. Can you help? We would love to hear from you!

Please get in touch by emailing [email protected].


Public Involvement Forum FAQs

A Guide to Public Involvement Forum Membership Benefits