New Practice Development role introduced to support cancer, palliative, and end of life patients at MKUH

Date: 11/05/2023

Juliet Nayler (pictured) has taken on a new role as Macmillan Practice Development Nurse for cancer, palliative, and end of life care. Juliet, who was previously senior sister on our chemotherapy unit, will be developing a programme of training and education to ensure that staff in all areas of the Trust have the knowledge and skills to support cancer, palliative, and end of life patients if they are being treated in their areas.

“To ensure our patients have the best experience possible while in our care, it is important that our nursing and support teams are equipped with the specific knowledge required to care for these special groups,” says Juliet, who has many years of nursing experience. “Our cancer, palliative, and end of life patients can sometimes find themselves in wards and departments away from the cancer centre for other medical reasons, so it is important to ensure that staff in different areas have appropriate training to provide the best support possible.”

Juliet will be preparing study days for many staff groups, including ED, as well as developing e-learning packages to give staff the opportunity to increase their knowledge at a time that suits them. She will also be working closely with the palliative care team.

“A lot of teams won’t necessarily have encountered some of the conditions that cancer and end of life specialists will have seen on a relatively more regular basis. I will be developing training on subjects such as neutropenic sepsis and metastatic spinal cord compression,” says Juliet, who, among other topics, will be developing training materials on such subjects as difficult conversations and caring for the palliative patient.