MKUH stroke gym undergoes makeover

Date: 29/08/2023

A refurbished gym space is having a hugely positive impact on the recovery of stroke patients at Milton Keynes University Hospital. The gym, situated on Ward 7, the hospital’s stroke unit, now offers a welcoming supervised exercise space for patients as well as a separate curtained-off area for staff to work.

The £50,000 makeover saw old flooring replaced and new equipment installed along with full-length mirrors to enable patients and physiotherapists to assess correct positioning, as well as a purpose-built office area to ensure staff can work in safety and comfort.

The improvements have been spearheaded by Adam Baddeley, Inpatient Therapy Service Lead. He says: “It’s fantastic to have this bright new space to support the rehabilitation of our patients. The effects of a stroke can be huge and sometimes life-changing and the role of our therapy services is vital at every stage of the recovery.

The new gym area is so much more welcoming for patients as the old space was really quite tired and in need of a refit. As well as being a more practical area, it is lovely to be able to work with patients in here and then complete any notes in a separate space.”

Patients admitted to Ward 7 are assessed by a hospital physiotherapist within 24 hours and by an occupational therapist within 48 hours of their admission. They are also assessed by the speech and language therapy team. Therapy services are offered seven days a week on the 26-bedded ward and typically stroke patients have five physiotherapy sessions in a week. These sessions can sometimes be in their bed space on the ward, but they are very often in the gym area, meaning it gets a good deal of use.

“Having a really fresh space makes for a much more welcoming experience for patients as they start to regain their strength, movement mobility, and independence,” adds Adam.