inicio partners with MKUH to launch innovative mPage

Date: 15/12/2023

inicio, renowned for its pioneering patient-focused digital transformations, is thrilled to announce the launch of its hyperbilirubinemia mPage – a first-of-its-kind solution that is now available within Milton Keynes University Hospital’s (MKUH) electronic patient record system eCARE.

Jaundice affects an estimated 3 out of 5 babies, and 4 out of every 5 babies born before the 37th week of pregnancy. These babies go on to have their bilirubin levels charted to identify if treatment is required. In many cases across the country, including previously at MKUH, this process is performed using manual charting.

inicio’s hyperbilirubinemia mPage alleviates the pressure on clinical teams by fully automating the process and ensures that graphing is immediate, automatic, and always available.

The mPage also ensures that paper does not need to move with the patient and that the information is always up to date within the patient’s electronic patient record.

Lisa Viola, Neonatal Matron at MKUH said, “We are so pleased to now have an automated solution for charting the bilirubin levels of the babies we care for. Not only is this saving the valuable time of the neonatal and maternity teams, who to date have had to chart out the data manually, but it also provides a simple and effective way to ensure the information is accessible to those who need it”.

Debbie Phillips, Chief Clinical Information Officer at MKUH said “This is an example of the intersection of clinical excellence and digital advancement, resulting in a real benefit to clinicians. By automating the charting of bilirubin levels, we not only enhance the accuracy and efficiency of care for our youngest patients but also significantly reduce the administrative burden on our healthcare professionals. The integration of such advanced digital solutions into our clinical workflow is a testament to our commitment to embracing technology for improved patient outcomes.”

Craig York, Chief Information Officer at MKUH, went on to comment: “The introduction of the hyperbilirubinemia mPage within our electronic patient record (eCARE) represents yet another example of digital healthcare innovation. This solution seamlessly integrates with our existing EPR infrastructure, provided by Oracle Health (Cerner), and brings direct efficiency and safety improvements for our clinical staff. By automating the charting process, we are not only enhancing patient safety but also freeing up valuable clinical hours. The hyperbilirubinemia mPage has been developed in collaboration with colleagues across maternity and paediatric services, ensuring that we enable them to do the things they do best – delivering high quality, safe clinical care.”

Matt Lawrence, Chief Digital Officer at inicio, commented on the solution, saying, “The collaborative approach between inico and Milton Keynes has enabled this solution to be designed to enhance clinical decision support. This tool will reduce the burden on clinical teams and improve patient safety through removal of manual processes. One of inicio’s founding principles is to ensure our solutions reduce clinical risk and improve the patient and clinical experience. Working in partnership with the clinical teams at Milton Keynes has resulted in just that.”

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