MKUH engaging with young people

Date: 14/12/2023

Milton Keynes University Hospital has received fantastic feedback from schools for its engagement work with young people.

The Trust’s Careers Team has organised work experience for secondary school pupils, as well as speed interviewing events with hospital staff, helping the young people of Milton Keynes to learn more about the different types of employment opportunities available.

Work experience is offered in clinical and non-clinical areas throughout the hospital, highlighting the varied roles. We offer placements in the areas of research and development, finance, maternity, clinical skills and SIMS, the Cancer Centre, day surgery, and general ward areas, amongst others.

One of the speed interviewing events was held at Oakgrove School, where Year 9, 10 and 11 students spent five minutes with each interview, asking hospital staff and Governors about their jobs, their roles and their careers.

Carly Limburg, Careers Administrator at Oakgrove School, said: “The time students get with professionals that work in the NHS is extremely beneficial to them. It is important to highlight to students the many different jobs that are available to them within the NHS and the opportunity to ask questions about specific jobs is a memorable experience. Not to mention, the transferrable skills that students develop whilst talking to a professional that they have never met. Thank you for inspiring and enriching our students!”

Laura Cain, Careers Lead at Radcliffe School, said: “The opportunity for work experience at MKUH has been invaluable for our students. Not only has it helped students them to decide on their career plans but has given them so much to talk about on applications and at interviews. They always come back to school eager to describe what they have been doing. The team are supportive and very positive and have a real impact on the aspirations of our students. We are extremely grateful for the support offered.”

Lee Noble, Apprenticeship Manager at MKUH, said: “Work experience is absolutely key to supporting our youth community to gain insight and experience within different job roles. At MKUH, we have a fantastic offering that allows exposure to various areas of our Trust; both clinical and non-clinical. We have supported hundreds of local students who have used our offering to support job applications, higher education progression and getting into healthcare careers.”