Eye Clinic

If you have a query about an appointment please call 01908 997 050

If you have a medical inquiry please call 01908 995 501

If you have an Orthoptic inquiry please call 01908 995 532

If you have an Optometry inquiry please call 01908 995 525

If you have a query about an inpatient admission please call 01908 996 765


Appointments are arranged by pre-booking only. The eye clinic does not provide a walk-in service.

Email: [email protected]

For more visitor information, including restaurants, shops, and car parking, click here.

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MKUH has partnered with AccessAble in order to provide a detailed access guide for the public. This guide lets you know what access will be available when you visit our hospital and services. In order to find out more about the route you will use for the Eye Clinic please follow this link: https://www.accessable.co.uk

Last Modified: 3:37pm 14/08/2023

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